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SeedEZā„¢ - tissue fingerprinting and drug testing in 3D

From 3D cell cultures, to 3D co-cultures, to engineered tissues with multilayered organization



Bone 3D culture

And beyond

SeedEZ is a unique 3D cell culture system which accepts most cell types, most hydrogels, extracellular matrices, and semi-solid media.

SeedEZ further accepts most polymers used in preparation of drug delivery systems and controlled drug release, test compounds, biopharmaceuticals, active and inactive biologicals, and excipient formulations, and enables their in situ testing with cells in a 3D cell culture.

Simply, spot-a-culture, spot-a-drug or an ECM barrier next to the culture spot. Alternatively, stack SeedEZ substrates where one one substrate comprises a culture and the other a diffusing drug formulation, or combine spot and stack methods for testing.

As a complete 3D cell-based screening system, SeedEZ enables the formation of gradients of test agents and their testing in situ in a 3D cell culture; spot-a-culture and spot-a-drug, or stack the substrates to generate gradients.


Brain co-culture in Matrigel

Easy co-culture methods

SeedEZ supports non-contact and contact co-cultures. For a non-contact co-culture, simply place the SeedEZ substrates in a larger well or a Petri dish. Alternatively, place one SeedEZ substrate in an insert and another in the well below the insert.

In a contact co-culture you may seed cell populations all at once in a single substrate, add cell types sequentially over time, or seed cells in different SeedEZ substrates and then overlap them at a time you choose. These methods can also be combined, e.g. seed mixed cell culture in one spot, then add another cell population to another spot. Alternatively, add a cell population with or without extracellular matrix (ECM) to one substrate, then add another cell population to another substrate and overlap them. You may also add a test compound to an ECM in SeedEZ and then overlap your culture in another SeedEZ substrate, or spot them side by side. SeedEZ caters to your research.


3D brain co-culture

Multi-layered tissue equivalents

Mature high-density 3D cell cultures and co-cultures form engineered tissues in SeedEZ. To model multi-layered organization of certain tissue types, such as neocortex or cerebral cortex, use SeedEZ stack-and-culture method. In this approach each 3D cell culture in a SeedEZ substrate will model one layer of the tissue in the SeedEZ-stack multilayered tissue model. You may seed cells in an ECM in the SeedEZ, or have an ECM layer between cultures.

The above approach also holds for custom invasion, chemo-invasion and angiogenesis assays. Modulators of cell migration, invasion and angiogenesis may be added in a spot or uniformly to one or more substrates and made to form gradients in one substrate, or the substrate stack, and tested in situ with 3D cell cultures - an ideal model for cancer research. To learn more, visit our support page for detailed 3D cell culture methods, protocols and application notes.

SeedEZ - take your research beyond 3D cell cultures - meet tissue equivalents

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