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Dip-and-Culture™ 3D cell culture

SeedEZ™ – three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures made easier than in 2D



3D culture - NIH/3T3 fibroblasts

No pipetting needed

Simply, dip-and-culture 3D cell cultures – can it be any simpler than this?

Likely not. SeedEZ makes "automated" 3D cell cultures without any automation.


Dip-and-culture 3D cell culture

Literally just "dip"

If you have a reagent reservoir with a cell suspension – that is all you need.

Simply dip as many SeedEZ substrates as you need into that reservoir.


Brain 3D culture in Matrigel

Automate gel 3D cultures

Are your cells settling during gelation but need extracellular matrix support?

Use SeedEZ. It wicks even high-protein Matrigel yet prevents cell settling.

SeedEZ – batch-to-batch consistent 3D cultures made easier and faster than in 2D

Wick-a-3D-culture versus dip-and-3D-culture cell seeding method

Dip-in cell seeding method is analogous to the wick-in method with the exception that the SeedEZ substrate is fully immersed into the cell suspension and as such, always saturated.

With the wick-a-culture approach, SeedEZ substrate need not be saturated with the cell suspension; thus, enabling to add different cell suspensions (different 3D cell cultures) or test compounds, and form gradients all in a single substrate.

However, for rapid seeding of many substrates you may dip them all at once; in a reagent reservoir, for example. Dip-seeding makes reproducible and consistent three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures in high-throughput without special equipment or complex protocols. The method is that easy that you don't even need a micropipette, just dip and make many 3D cell cultures all at once.

SeedEZ - instant 3D cell cultures in high-throughput

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