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SeedEZ™ - a universal tool for rapid screening in consistent 3D cell culture models



3D stem cell spheroid - Neurospheres

In 3D cells live naturally

Do you wonder why are scientists and researchers worldwide embracing 3D cell culture? The answer is quite simple – improved physiological relevance. In a well-defined 3D cell culture model, cells live, grow and feel as if they were in native tissues.

So what went wrong with a 2D culture? Nothing, really – it is just that as cell culture technologies continue to develop, 3D cell culture evolved and gained a competitive, scientifically supported foothold in cancer research and hepatotoxicity testing.

 WHY SeedEZ ?

3D culture of pre-osteoblastic cells

Cultures tailored to your needs

SeedEZ answers the need for a universal three-dimensional (3D) cell culture system which accepts most cell types and most extracellular matrices. SeedEZ enables culturing of cell aggregates such as cancer spheroids, hepatospheres or stem cell spheroids.

However, not all cell types grow as 3D cell spheroids and for those cell types that do not, SeedEZ is still there to support them in 3D. Simply coat the SeedEZ with cell adhesive molecules or seed cells in an extracellular matrix.


3D cultures made easy as blood spots

Analogy with blood spots

Spot-a-culture and spot-a-drug technology was born as a 3D cell culture screen analog to point-of-care (POCT) testing which uses a drop of blood, urine, or saliva. With SeedEZ you may run rapid, 3D culture based screening in a manner similar to dried blood spots (DBS) used in metabolic, infection, and genetic testing.

Still, there is much more to SeedEZ than culturing and bio-sampling. With SeedEZ you may add drug spots to your cultures. The SeedEZ enables testing of mono- and combination drug strategies using a patient’s own cells in a 3D cell culture.

SeedEZ - a big leap for a 3D cell culture towards improving patient care

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