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Wick-a-Culture™ 3D cell culture

SeedEZ™ - discover the simplest seeding methods for consistent 3D cell cultures



3D neuronal-astrocytic co-culture

3D cell seeding made easy

Need three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures in high-throughput? Don't have automated equipment or multi-channel pipettes?

SeedEZ is the answer. SeedEZ is one of a kind substrate which enables novel cell seeding methods.


3D culture of cancer spheroids

  Better than a “sponge”

Simply place the SeedEZ in contact with a cell suspension and you will be amazed – it will wick it.

SeedEZ makes reproducible 3D cell cultures using standard lab disposables; no high-tech equipment is needed.


3D culture in a solute gradient

Apply gradients to cultures

Use SeedEZ to generate solute gradients and/or the gradients of substrate bound molecules.

Simply, let the SeedEZ wick one solution on one end and another solution on the other end.

Meet GradientEZ – gradients made easy

SeedEZ - consistent 3D cell cultures without complex protocols

Wick-a-3D-cell culture method

Wick-a-culture refers to a 3D cell seeding method in which SeedEZ is placed in contact with a cell suspension which SeedEZ substrate wicks until it is saturated. However, SeedEZ need not be saturated and this enables seeding of different cell suspensions at, for example, the opposing sides of the substrate.

With this method you may also form gradients of test compounds and apply them to cells in a three-dimensional (3D) cell culture. Alternatively, you may combine wick method with a spot method. For example, you may wick a culture and after a period of time spot a drug, spot a culture and then wick a drug, or seed different 3D cell cultures at different spots followed by addition of a drug by either wick or spot method.

Wicking method may also be used with suspension-type cells. SeedEZ is unique in that that it allows to apply gradients of test compounds to one or more cell suspensions embedded in the SeedEZ. The cell types in such suspensions may be, for example, white blood cells.

SeedEZ - goes beyond 3D for cell cultures - it takes even suspension-like cells into 3D

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