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Lena Biosciences Trademarks


The trademarks of Lena Biosciences are used to identify and distinguish the products and services sold by and provided by Lena Biosciences. The term “trademark” is often used to refer to both trademarks and service marks. A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, tool, device, design, or a combination thereof, adopted by and used by Lena Biosciences to identify and differentiate its products and services. Lena Biosciences may be in the process of, or has secured valuable trademarks registered in the United States, or internationally.

A designates an unregistered trademark. An ® designates a registered trademark.

A "SM" designates an unregistered service mark. An ® designates a registered service mark.

The use of Lena Biosciences trademarks by reference

Lena Biosciences trademarks may be used to refer to Lena Biosciences products or services in marketing and promotional materials, media or other resources provided that the user:

  1. Adheres to Lena Biosciences trademark use guidelines set forth herein.
  2. Does not disparage Lena Biosciences or Lena Biosciences goods and services.
  3. Does not imply a relationship, or an association with Lena Biosciences that does not exist.
  4. Uses appropriate annotation for all Lena Biosciences trademarks and a footnote indicating that the trademarks are owned by Lena Biosciences, Inc.

Guidelines for general use of Lena Biosciences trademarks

  1. Designate the trademark with appropriate or ® symbol. The first use of a Lena Biosciences product trademark should be preceded by Lena Biosciences brand; for example, Lena Biosciences SeedEZ™.
  2. For printed materials and other media, please attribute ownership of Lena Biosciences trademarks to Lena Biosciences, Inc.
  3. You may not use any Lena Biosciences logos without a trademark license from Lena Biosciences.  The use of trademark logos shall be pursuant to these guidelines and any other guidelines applicable to that particular logo.  Please contact Lena Biosciences to request a license for use of Lena Biosciences logo, or if you need further guidance on proper trademark use.

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