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SeedEZ™ provides a convenient and a consistent 3D framework for 3D cell culture studies, compound screening, 3D cell-based assay development, drug release studies, in vitro dosage form development and quality control testing and assurance etc.  Please refer to SeedEZ Application Notes and Protocols to learn how to use SeedEZ in these applications.


SeedEZ accepts most cell types, cell culture reagents, active and inactive biologicals, extracellular matrices, biomaterials, polymer matrices used in preparation of drug delivery systems or substrates for controlled release of drugs, pharmaceutical reagents, biopharmaceuticals, excipient formulations and test compounds. 


SeedEZ™ is suitable for diverse applications including, without limitation:


 3D cell culture studies for basic science research and pharmaceutical testing

  •   Studies of biological function in vitro in physiologically closer tissue models

  •   Formation, or embedding and culturing of organotypic 3D cell spheroids in large numbers

  •   Side-by-side culturing of different 3D cell populations using Spot-a-Culture™ delivery method

  •   Embedding of one or more (normal or diseased) cell populations or sub-populations in SeedEZ

  •   Modeling of multi-layered tissues; a culture per substrate in a SeedEZ stack

  •   Embedding of normal and neoplastic cells in one substrate, or different substrates in a SeedEZ stack


 Screening of putative therapeutic compounds and lead assay development with 3D cultures

  •   Drug target validation and ADMET screens

  •   Secondary screening and lead assay development


 Cell motility, haptotaxis, migration, invasion, chemo-invasion and angiogenesis assays in 3D

  •   Gradient generation by "Spot", "Wick", "Dip" and/or "Overlap" method

  •   Coating or embedding of polymers and test compounds

  •   Coating or embedding of extracellular matrices (ECM)

  •   Coating or embedding of ECMs or polymers comprising chemotactic modulators

  •   Coating or embedding of ECMs or polymers comprising angiogenic inhibitors

  •   Coating or embedding of ECMs or polymers comprising test compounds and drug delivery vehicles

  •   Assay development using Spot-a-Culture™, Spot-a-Drug™, and Spot-a-Gel-Barrier method

  •   Assay development using partly or fully overlapped SeedEZ substrates

Please see GradientEZ and Gel and Drug Embedding Application Note     


 Drug release studies and dosage form development for in vitro studies

  •   Embedding of active ingredients and inactive ingredients (excipient formulations)

  •   Embedding of biodegradable polymer matrices for drug release

  •   Making of formulations for quasi-steady drug release from degradable polymers

  •   Making of dosage forms in a any shape and size without special equipment

  •   Testing of dosage forms in situ, with the cells in a 3D culture or cells in a 3D suspension

Please see Gel and Drug Embedding Application Note     


 Development of quality control test platforms

  •   Cell-based

  •   Biomaterials

  •   Polymer matrices

  •   Active or inactive biologicals

  •   Pharmaceutical reagents and drugs

  •   Biopharmaceuticals

Please see Gel and Drug Embedding Application Note     



You may also contact Lena Biosciences about licensing opportunities to use SeedEZ™ in commercial products and in commercial for-fee services including, without limitation, 3D cell-based assay services, HTS/HCS screening services, sensing services, QC testing services etc.

For more information, please email [email protected]

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